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Under the facility a customer requiring to renew a motor vehicle licence is able to send their documents to Credsure using DHL.

Madavo said the Pick and Drop facility had brought convenience to the transacting public and was one of the tolls the company was using to re-establish Credsure as a one- stop-shop for all short-term insurance products,

“People are expressing their appreciation of the convenience offered by the service being offered by DHL and ourselves,” he said.

He said Credsure was in the process of working towards enhancing the Pick and Drop facility and would introduce an enhanced facility onto the market.

Madavo said there had been an increase in the uptake of vehicle insurance renewals since the facility was launched.

He said the Pick and Drop facility would be one of the most convenient ways for people to renew their motor vehicle insurance and acquire their motor vehicle licence.

“We believe that the Pick and Drop facility has eliminated the need for one to spend hours dealing with issues covering vehicle licence renewal,” said Madavo.


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