Gives you peace of mind, knowing that both your property and belongings are covered for a range of events

Home owners-Buildings

This covers buildings, fixtures and fittings against damage caused by: theft, fire, lightning, explosion earthquake, impact by animals; accidental damage of water pipes; accidental breakage of windows. The policy also extends to cover gate motors, and borehole pumps on condition they are secured.

Household – Contents:

Covers loss of or damage to household goods and personal effects which belong to the insured were such loss or damage occurs in the insured’s dwelling house or out building situated at the address stated in the policy schedule caused by the above mentioned perils.

All Risks

Covers loss or damage to articles which are normally worn or carried on the person. Such items include clothing, baggage, spectacles, cell phones, rings, e.t.c.

Individual Personal Accident:

Provides compensation for bodily injury or death caused by violent, accidental, external and visible means. The company will pay to the insured, or his estate the compensation stated in the schedule.

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